Friday, 21 September 2018

Monday, 17 September 2018


8) Photograph shop windows and signs:

* shop windows

* photograph signs at night

* capture signs

See below the future dates when the '11 WAYS TO TAKE BETTER TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHS' blogs will be published.

15th October 2018
19th November 2018
17th December 2018

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Friday, 14 September 2018

Friday's Tip

Tip 34:
Shoot at dawn or shoot at dusk to capture the sunrise or sunset

Sunset over Mt. Snowdon View Point, Snowdonia National Park, Wales

Bhupinder Ghatahora
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Monday, 27 August 2018

Simple steps to take High Street Photographs (re publish in 2018)

  1. The right camera settings on both SLRs and Compact Cameras
  2. If allowed, use a tripod. Keep in mind that many places will not allow the use of tripods.
  3. Plan where to take the High Street photographs.
  4. Time - is it a day time shot, or a night shot. 
  5. Think about composition, how to include people in the photograph, leading lines, colour, close-ups etc
  6. Exposure - if taking photographs at night, it's always best to over and under expose the shot by 0.3. (use this as a guide only, adjust according to your image) Every camera will have a '-+' symbol.
  7. Final finished image — before I take any photographs, I always think about how I want the final finished image to look. If it's going to be in colour, sepia, b/w or do I need to add noise/gain in the final image to create the mood and atmosphere.
  8. Settings for Compact Cameras;
Use 'Landscape' Mode (it will give you the maximum depth of field)

Use 'Sunset', 'Fireworks', 'Night' Modes (every camera is different, please check your camera manual to see which mode gives a slow shutter speed. Use these as a guidance only, These settings can also be used on most DSLR's)

Set your DSLR cameras on either Aperture Mode or Shutter Mode.

Here are some photographs of High Street Photography

1. This photograph was taken on fully 'Manual' using a tripod. Using a slow shutter speed has created movement of the people walking around in the frame. Photograph taken in Singapore, Sentosa Island.

2. Photograph taken in Basingstoke at night, the camera was hand held with a high ISO.

3. Leicester High Street, Ice-cream Parlour 

4. Shop window sign at night

5. Christmas Shopping, Reading

6. Olympic torch relay - Basingstoke 2012 (below image was taken with a compact camera)

7. Newquay, Cornwall High Street - the image below was taken using a compact camera, which was set on 'Night' Mode. The image had a slight camera shake, so I have added extra noise at post production, simply because I was using the camera without a tripod. The colour of the image has also be changed in post production.

8. Take close-ups of structures on the High Street. (close-up of a shoe, photograph taken through the shop window - Tip: hold your camera very close to the window to avoid any reflections.)

9. Shoppers walking on the High Street (Leicester)

10. Wales, the below photograph was taken with a mobile phone

Hope this articles assists you in taking better and interesting photographs of the High Street. A High Street could be anywhere!

Bhupinder Ghatahora
Ghatahora Photography