Friday, 9 October 2015


Photographs of trees in colour, black-white and various weather conditions. These photogpahs have been taken in Pamber Forest, Kew Gardens, Lake District.

Pamber Forset
 Pamber Forset
 Pamber Forset

 Motimer - On snowy morning

Lake District: Photograph taken near Lake Buttermere, edited to convert the image in black & white

Lake District: Mist over the mountains
Photograph taken from the roadside just before going to the Hardknot Pass, Lake District

Lake District: Track to the Mountains
Photograph taken at Ravenglass & Eskdale railway. I took this photograph while I was sat in the train, the camera was hand held.

Lake District: Tress by the Lake
While walking along the lake, I noticed these fallen trees. I took this photo at a low angle to get the water, mountains and the sky

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