Saturday, 19 December 2015


In 2010, I decided to photograph people with tattoos from the public, (who have had no modelling experience) to take part in this tattoo project which I called 'Romantic Tattoos'.

Firstly I would like thank all the clients of Poison Ink, Basingstoke who volunteered to take part and model for me.

It was an amazing project to be involved with, I have always loved tattoos and  I am a great admirer of the artwork that can be produced on the human body. I took a series of photographs which I decided to compile it into a book. The concept of this book and the photography was to capture and portray the uniqueness of each tattoo which is also personal and special to each individual.

Here are a few photographs that are in this book - 'Romantic Tattoos'

This book can be purchased from Amazon

Bhupinder Ghatahora
Ghatahora Photography