Wednesday, 2 March 2016

A walk around the Newbury Canal - part 1

I am always taking photographs either with my DSLRs: Nikon, Fuji, Sony or with my Blackberry. All the photographs have be taken with my mobile phone by the Newbury canal. There are so many photographic opportunities around us, we just have to photograph what catches our interest.

This photograph was taken looking over the bridge, I quite liked the fullness in the trees, the boats and the reflections. As I was looking through the camera, I saw someone walking towards the bridge, I waited for the passer by to appear in the frame before taking the photograph.

View over the bridge
This photograph has been taken looking on the other side of the canal, with framing just the boats.

Boats on the canal

As I was walking further along the canal, the colours and reflections in the water caught my eye - had to take this photograph.

Not far from where the above photograph was taken, I spotted this bridge, the light was just amazing the way it was lighting parts of the bridge.

The bridge

All the above photographs were taken on my mobile phone, each photograph was just enhanced slightly to bring up the colours or converted into a black & white photograph. These photographs have been watermarked in Lightroom.

Look out for the part two of 'A walk around the Newbury Canal'

Bhupinder Ghatahora