Wednesday, 19 October 2016

How to Photograph Fireworks

Taking photographs of fireworks can be really easy, just follow the below steps and have fun taking photographs.

1)      Wear something warm

2)      Get the best spot – always worth asking the organisers where the firework display will be and inform them that you are taking some photographs of fireworks. Generally most organisers are very helpful!!

3)      Use a tripod, as the shutter speed is going to be very slow, tripod will avoid any camera shake.

4)      Focal Length – when photographing fireworks it’s difficult to see what will be in the frame (camera’s view finder) always shoot on wide angle. By zooming into the fireworks, some of the display will be lost, but do try zooming in as you will be surprised what you have captured.

5)      Do not use flash – switch off the flash as this will not capture the firework display.

6)      Camera Settings DSLR:

 I photographed my firework display on fully manual mode with camera on the tripod and these were my camera settings: Aperture f16 (to get maximum depth of field), Shutter speed 30 Sec, ISO set at 200. Use these settings as a guide and change them accordingly to your final result.

If unsure with the Manual Mode on your cameras, use ‘Aperture Mode’ (A) set the aperture at f11 of f16, the camera will set the shutter speed accordingly.

You can also use the ‘Shutter Mode’ (TV or S) set the shutter speed at 20 seconds. Use this as a guide, you may need more or less time – check your result.

7)      Camera Settings Compact Cameras:

Most compact cameras nowadays have preset ‘Firework’ mode, set the camera on this mode and the camera will set everything accordingly.

Have fun taking photographs of fireworks!!

Bhupinder Ghatahora