Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A walk around the canal

I have started a few personal projects photographing the local landscapes, canals, streets and weather.

These are on going projects which I am working on. I have taken several different photos of the locally, however I will be editing one at a time and updating them on weekly basics.

Today's photograph from a series called: 'A walk around the canal'

A few minor adjustments on Lightroom were done, see below

Increased Contrast +19
Decreased Highlights -100 (to retain detain in the reflection)
Decreased Shadows -100 (to bring out the shadows in the trees)
Increased Whites +33 (to bring out the whites in the boat)
Increased Clarity +10
Increased Vibrance +17

While altering the adjustments, always keep an eye out for the whole image, see in detail that other parts of the image are not getting effected.

Final image

Around the canal

Bhupinder Ghatahora